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Ban The Kiosk Cameras!

The cameras inside CTA Customer Assistant booths are unjustifiable! If we allow this for CA’s, it will end up everywhere! Only a savage, bossloving, bootlicking brute would defend such a sickening practice! Local 308 members: Demand that your Reps, Pennie, Mark and King Costa condemn it. Pack the membership meetings. File Workplace Complaints.  CTA workers are not wild beasts in a zoo! We are humans who deserve the best possible working conditions!  Accept no excuses from the union officials! We the union officials, work for you. We are not your elected bosses. We are honored servants who are sworn to defend and fight only for you.  Organize to have these things banned in our Contract and removed immediately! CA SOUTH Corey Carr (773) 875-7649 Asst. Tyrone Edwards (708) 738-2852 CA WEST Willette Lucas (312) 388-9006 Asst. Bryan Spencer (773) 612-9532 CA NORTH Elmondo Passmore (708) 897-7772 Asst. Duane Armour (773) 412-9485 Pennie McCoach, President, Local 308

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